Electrical Engineering


Intake - 60 Seats

The Department of Electrical Engineering came into existence from the year 2012 at ACET. The department offers under graduate course and diploma courses in Electrical Engineering. The Electrical branch deals with the knowledge of Electricity, Circuit & Network, Electrical Equipments, Electrical Machineries, and Application of Electricity in the service of human being. Flow of electric power from generating stations, its transmission and distribution and further its availability up to the distinct sectors. At present electrical engineering as an industry is considered to be the key sector in anygrowing economy.

The primary objective of the department has been to impart quality education, training and research ideas to the students, in various areas of Electrical Engineering. The department is honored to have well qualified, experienced faculties and an equally enthusiastic technical team. The major areas of faculty expertise of the department include Electrical Machines and Drives, Electrical Power Systems, Power Electronics, Semiconductor Devices.

The laboratories equipped with sets of experiments as per syllabus of Gujarat Technological University (GTU). The department has various labs like Elements of Electrical Engineering, Network Analysis Lab, Electrical Machines, Electrical Measuring Instruments, Control Systems, Microprocessor Lab, etc. The machineries, instruments and panels at laboratories follow the latest industrial scenario. EEE lab helps students to learn fundamental of Electrical Engineering. Electrical Machines lab enriches the students’ knowledge about all electrical machines like induction motors, power transformers, generators etc. In Electrical & Electronics workshop Lab gives the facility to the student to implement their own ideas in to real hardware with lots of fun. PCB Lab facilitates the students to design and fabricate circuit board according to their requirement. Students use PCB lab to fabricate their project circuits, robotics circuits & for much more activities. Power Electronics lab gives the knowledge about recent power electronics devices & converters like inverter, rectifier. Power Electronics lab also gives knowledge about advance efficient & economical methods for speed control of motors & much more like solar inverters & wind power generation. Electrical engineering department has also a computer lab for simulation & programming of microprocessor & controller.

The department undertakes a continuous process of setting up experimental and computational facilities. The department performs activities other than regular curriculum like development of battery operated electrical vehicle (EV), industrial visits, expert lectures, and regular counseling of students . The library of ACET has adequate number of text and other reference books, audio-visual materials related to Electrical Engineering. The number of titles and volumes are being steadily increased with the growth of the department.


Semester 1

Subject CodeInitialsSubject Name
2110002CSCommunication Skills
2110003CPUComputer Programming and Utilization
2110005EEEElements of Electrical Engineering

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Subject CodeInitialsSubject Name
2140906ACMAC Machines
2140907ATHEApplied Thermal and Hydraulic Engineering
2140908EPGElectrical Power Generation
2140909FTField Theory
2140910DEDigital Electronics
2141005SASSignals and Systems

Semester 5

Semester 6

Semester 7

Semester 8