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Alpha College of Engineering And Technology



The journey of Alpha College of Engineering & Technology began in year 2009 and since then the college has been growing in its facet. In year 2009, the journey began with the intake of 240 students of engineering degree in four branches i.e. Mechanical, Computer, Information Technology and Electronic and Communication while in 2010 Civil, the fifth branch was offered. In year 2010, various activities were performed like Alpha Heritage – 2010, Sports Week, Navratri Celebration and even the institute grew in terms of infrastructure. In 2011, the college grew in terms of intake in various departments and its activities in form of Engineer’s day, Techfest etc. In 2012, the institute started offering Diploma in Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Master degree in Computer Engineering. During this year the institute grew in terms of courses offered to the students and infrastructure like classrooms, laboratories, etc., offered to students for their complete development and to make them successful engineers. In Academic Year 2013 and 2014, the growth story continued, it organized ‘GTU Tech Fest 2014’ for Gandhinagar Zone. Institute shares its heritage earned over the number of years with its alumni’s in form of ‘Alumni Association’ formed for our Alums to stay in touch with the institute and existing students and provide necessary guidance to them. Alpha College of Engineering and Technology throughout all these years has nurtured students in the field of technology and innovation in the ambiance of liberty and harmony. Started with 240 seats with the Bachelor Degree in Engineering Programme, the institute now has total intake of 924 in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Civil Engineering and also offers a postgraduate programme in Computer Engineering. The journey is on its way still a lot more of growth and achievements in field of technology are yet to come…

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