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Alpha College of Engineering And Technology

Degree Engineering

Intake - 240 Seats

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2009. The current enrollments are about 744 students. The department is facilitated with 30 full-time faculty members consisting 23 Assistant Professors, 7 Lecturers and 6 Technical Supporting Staff which reflects the veridical strength of the department. For developing and boosting the software & programming skill of the students, the department has incorporated with sophisticated CAD & CAM laboratories and has 13 laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipments and computing facilities. The personal counseling system is the pinnacle of the department. The campus recruitment program being conducted by the T & P cell is very an indispensable activity. The department is implemented to reveal excellence in preparing students for the success in their professional career through Research, Realistic Instruction and Societal Service under the direction of highly motivated, qualified faculties.

Advanced Manufacturing process


Product design

Prof. Vijay Baria / H.O.D

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Alpha College of Engineering and Technology. The Mechanical Engineering Department has been a vital component of this institute since it was founded in 2009. This website provides an overview of the academic programs, research activities currently underway in the Department, our research facilities, and a profile of each faculty member’s research interests. We hope that whether you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, or work in industry or another institute, you will find this website to be informative. Our Department has a distinguished record in both teaching and research. In addition to great teachers, we also provide our students with an innovative and engaging curriculum. The research activities of the 30 full-time faculty members range across the wide spectrum of Mechanical Engineering. We are fortunate to have modern facilities and a dedicated technical and office staff to support our academic programs and research. We welcome all enquiries from prospective students with an interest in our activities. If you have further questions after browsing this website please do not hesitate to contact me at (02764) 281031/32. You may also correspond with individual faculty members, or contact them by e-mail, using the addresses shown on the faculty pages.

Intake - 60 Seats

We are empowering students with state-of-art knowledge and computer technological skills to produce employable students and entrepreneurs with distinctive edge over their counterparts. ACET IT department has strong emphasis on theory as well as practical learning. IT department is equipped with latest computer and software to keep our future engineers up-to-date with latest technologies. To be an Information Technology department of excellence imparting quality technical education imbibed with proficiency and providing opportunities and facilities for the students to develop into creative, dynamic and globally competent information technology professionals.


Programming languages

Web Development

Prof. Manoj Patel / H.O.D

Our vision is to be recognized as innovative and leading Information Technology Department. IT department believes in building career, enriching minds and provides a remarkable experience that lasts a lifelong. Our Department has active membership of CSI(Computer Society of India)

Wish you a bright future ahead.

Intake - 120 Seats

Welcome to the Department of Computer Engineering at the Alpha college of Engineering & Technology (ACET). A computer engineering degree from ACET will always encourage you for sharpen your analytical skills, stretch your creative talents, and equip you with the technical ability you need to succeed in a computing career. Computer engineers continually push the capability and applicability of computers in every industry and every facet of modern life. ACET CE department has strong emphasis on theory as well as practical learning. Our aim is to provide quality education by keeping Industrial requirement in minds. CE department is equipped with latest computer and software to keep our future engineers up-to-date with latest technologies.


Operating System

Data Structure

Prof. Ajay Shah / H.O.D

Computer Engineering is a fascinating stream , and one that is now indispensible in our lives. After pursing carrier in Computer Engineering many careers options are available in industry and commerce worldwide. By studying Computer Engineering at ACET you will get both an understanding of subject in depth and also equip yourself with the skills to have a great career ahead of you.Our Department has active membership of CSI(Computer Society of India)

Wish you a bright future ahead.

Intake - 60 Seats

We have been consistently working towards the goal to produce highly skilled and scientifically oriented manpower through flexible, adaptive and progressive training programs and a cohesive interaction among the research organizations, academicians and industries. The greatest asset of the department is its highly motivated and learned faculty. Students of our department actively participate in National-level Student Contests being organized at various other Engineering Colleges. The Department has consistently maintained an exemplary academic record.

The department has got full equipped laboratories including digital logic design, basic electronics, advance electronics, microprocessor & microcontroller, integrated circuit, optical communication, wireless communication, embedded systems, microwave engineering, digital signal processing, image processing, antenna, PCB workshop & design lab. There is also a departmental library.

Students after graduation in this branch may seek careers in telecommunication, mobile, LC designing, domestic appliances, VLSI designing, R&D organizations and other allied sectors.




Prof. Ronak Gadaria / H.O.D

It gives me pride to introduce the Department of Electronics & Communication. The Department is focused on devising innovative solutions to impart the quality education. The available diversity of expertise of the faculty members prepares the students to work in global multicultural environment. The staff members are deputed to participate in workshops and conferences to keep in pace with recent developments. We continue to play a leading role in our discipline, both nationally and internationally. As H.O.D., I assure you that I will try my best to maximize students' participation in the department.

Intake - 180 Seats

Civil Engineering is considered to be the most versatile branch among all the engineering branches. Civil engineering includes the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of large and permanent engineering projects of our civilization. The major subdivisions of civil engineering are structural, geotechnical, environmental, sanitary, water resources, and transportation engineering.

The mission of Civil Department, ACET is to provide quality education to prepare nationally competitive undergraduate students for a successful career in civil engineering; To provide advanced skills and knowledge in state-of-the-art research and design in subareas of civil engineering for graduate students; And to provide service to the college, engineering profession, and the public.

The Department has well equipped workshop and full-fledged Civil Engineering Labs. All laboratories are well equipped with the modern instruments, machinery and experimental set ups. These laboratories undergo modernization and development so as to be consistent and compatible with professional field requirements.

Structural Analysis & design

Applied Mechanics

Earthquake engineering

Prof. Nirav Vaghasia / H.O.D

Welcome to the Department of civil engineering. The primary goal of the department is to train the students to become good citizens with moral values and high-quality technical knowledge. The team of faculty members strive to ensure that all the young students have a strong education with leadership skills to take leadership roles in the future. Civil Engineering graduates have a wide variety of employment opportunities in both the private and public sectors in addition to becoming successful entrepreneurs. After completing the course from ACET, a student will be equipped with complete knowledge of civil engineering aspects and would prove among the bests in field.

Intake - 120 Seats

The Department of Electrical Engineering came into existence from the year 2012 at ACET. The department offers under graduate course and diploma courses in Electrical Engineering. The Electrical branch deals with the knowledge of Electricity, Circuit & Network, Electrical Equipments, Electrical Machineries, and Application of Electricity in the service of human being. Flow of electric power from generating stations, its transmission and distribution and further its availability up to the distinct sectors. At present electrical engineering as an industry is considered to be the key sector in anygrowing economy.

The primary objective of the department has been to impart quality education, training and research ideas to the students, in various areas of Electrical Engineering. The department is honored to have well qualified, experienced faculties and an equally enthusiastic technical team. The major areas of faculty expertise of the department include Electrical Machines and Drives, Electrical Power Systems, Power Electronics, Semiconductor Devices.

The laboratories equipped with sets of experiments as per syllabi of Gujarat Technological University (GTU). The department has various labs like Elements of Electrical Engineering, Network Analysis Lab, Electrical Machines, Electrical Measuring Instruments, Control Systems, Microprocessor Lab, etc. The machineries, instruments and panels at laboratories follow the latest industrial scenario. EEE lab helps students to learn fundamental of Electrical Engineering. Electrical Machines lab enriches the students’ knowledge about all electrical machines like induction motors, power transformers, generators etc. In Electrical & Electronics workshop Lab gives the facility to the student to implement their own ideas in to real hardware with lots of fun. PCB Lab facilitates the students to design and fabricate circuit board according to their requirement. Students use PCB lab to fabricate their project circuits, robotics circuits & for much more activities. Power Electronics lab gives the knowledge about recent power electronics devices & converters like inverter, rectifier. Power Electronics lab also gives knowledge about advance efficient & economical methods for speed control of motors & much more like solar inverters & wind power generation. Electrical engineering department has also a computer lab for simulation & programming of microprocessor & controller.

The department undertakes a continuous process of setting up experimental and computational facilities. The department performs activities other than regular curriculum like development of battery operated electrical vehicle (EV), industrial visits, expert lectures, and regular counseling of students . The library of ACET has adequate number of text and other reference books, audio-visual materials related to Electrical Engineering. The number of titles and volumes are being steadily increased with the growth of the department.

Wide Area Measurement Systems

Electrical Machines

Energy Conservation & Audit

Prof. Parag Patel / H.O.D

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering. The department strives to provide its students with appropriate knowledge and practical skills in electrical engineering so that they become well rounded engineering graduates, who will not only be technically adept but also disciplined and morally upstanding. Whether you are a student, parent, prospective faculty member or a curious member of the public, I invite you to read our web pages and find a way to become part of the ACET EE family.

Intake - 80 Seats
Duration - 5 Years
Architecture :-
  • Expertise faculties with academic and industrial experience from CEPT
  • Excellence in design with a focus on educating students for practice in global market
  • Our program emphasizes on sustainable practice, collaboration and innovation
  • Our modern labs giving students collaborative, hands on experience in major metropolitan area with thriving design and construction industries
  • Emphasizes on expert talk and site visits

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